Bloodborne Hunters Arsenal: Beast Cutter 1:6 Scale


Hunter’s Arsenal’ is 1/6 scale weapons collection wielded by the player character, HUNTER, in the mega hit action RPG for PlayStation 4, ‘Bloodborne’, enthusing game freaks around the world. ‘Beast Cutter’ is a trick weapon newly added to the downloadable contents of ‘The Old Hunters’. This valuable set includes 2 different versions: one is the cleaver mode for cutting through the tough beast hides, and the other is the split blade mode. The transformed long reach weapon is 275 mm in length. The savage look of each single blade and the connection are precisely sculpted just like they appear in the video game. It can be displayed with the ‘HUNTER 1/6 scale statue’ or on the optional accessory ‘Collection Board’.

Dit product is niet uit voorraad leverbaar en wordt omstreeks 2 weken na bestelling bij je geleverd.