Pre-order: Sideshow Toys Crabthulu Terror of the Deep! PVC Statue [order before 05-04-2019]


Wave hello to this claw-some new kaiju! Rising from the surf, the Crabthulu, Terror of the Deep! designer toy by Mike ‘Poopbird’ Groves is ready to make a massive splash in your life.

Artist Statement: I wanted to create a trio of critters that seemed familiar but also had some new moves we haven’t seen before. I didn’t want to just add random tentacles and eyeballs to make an animal seem monstrous. I super love using nature as a reference and then putting things through the ‘Poopbird’ style filter. I want to see fantastic creatures that still (somehow) feel believable. Like a jackalope but better!

Artist Bio: Hello! I’m Mike Groves and I’m a full-time tattoo artist currently working in Athens, GA. I feel like I have the entire universe trapped in my head threatening my sanity. I create art to help these beings escape into this world! Plus, I have three cats.

Pre-order: Crabthulu is leverbaar omstreeks Q4 2019. Reserveer de statue nu!