Funko Animation – Rick and Morty Portal Gun Toy with Light & Sound Effects


Rick & Morty’s Portal Gun

Portals allow travel between two different locations. Usually, these locations exist in the same dimension/universe. The only known groups that have been known to use intradimensional portal technology are the Ricks and the Galactic Federation (Interdimensional Customs in “Pilot “). Some organizations and people have knowledge of interdimensional portal technology, but it is unclear whether they possess it or not (e.g. Time Court, Morty Smith (304-X), and The people of “Fart”).

The Portal Gun is a gadget that allows the user(s) to travel between different universes/dimensions/realities. The Gun was likely created by a Rick, although it is unknown which one; if there is any truth to C-137’s fabricated origin story, then he may not be the original inventor.


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