Pre-Order: Tom and Jerry: Jerry God of Wealth Version Special Edition PVC Statue – Order before 03-01-2019


Cunning Jerry puts on a red traditional Chinese suit to become a little god of wealth who is ready to celebrate the long-awaited Lunar New Year with us. The god of wealth is a god who believed to be in charge of money and wealth in Southeast Asia. Jerry’s costume is designed according to the god of wealth while the gold ingot in front of Jerry is contained by an auspicious red and yellow basin. Jerry is lifting his eyes, raising an eyebrow, and pointing at you seems implying prosperity and good luck will be brought to you for the upcoming year.

Tom and Jerry Vinyl Figure (God of Wealth Version Special Edition) exclusively comes with a Tom and Jerry gold ingot. There is a Tom and Jerry logo on the front of every ingot. The special edition is definitely collectible with only a limited quantity being made.

Circa 17 cm hoog. Soap Studios.

Deze pre-order is onder voorbehoud beschikbaar rond Q1 2020.  Reserveer ‘m nu!


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