Pre-order: The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance: Dark Crystal Necklace


At the heart of Thra is the Crystal, linking all living things of the world. In the Age of Division, the wicked Skeksis cracked the once pure Crystal of Light and drew upon its power to extend their own thin lives across the eons.

Long years of misuse have poisoned the great jewel, and where once a clear white light emanated in radiance, now rivulets of sick purple spread across its surface. As the Crystal darkens, so too veins of corrupting energy flow out like clawed fingers into the world of Thra, spreading the Darkening to all that they touch.
Based on 3D scans provided by Netflix.
Shaped to be an exact replica of the Crystal seen on screen.
Draconic claw inspired by the Skeksis clasp system in the Castle of the Crystal.
Resin pendant complete with gunmetal-plated brass claw.
Includes a 51cm stainless steel chain.
Encased in a gift box.

Leverbaar Q1 2020.