Sega Mega Drive – De Smurfen – No manual / Geen boekje



You control a Smurf who must venture into the forest to rescue his fellow Smurfs that are being held captive by Gargamel. Along the way, Smurf can collect bonus items such as sarsaparilla leaves to increase his life count and raspberries to replenish his energy. Each section of the forest has its own set of dangers that Smurf must be careful to avoid. (In the Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive versions, you must also at the beginning of the game make your way through the Smurf Village!) Collecting stars in the Super Nintendo and Mega Drive versions will allow you to unlock bonus screens where Smurf can collect items to increase health and lives.


DeveloperBit Managers
Game SystemNES, Super Nintendo, Gameboy, Master System, Mega Drive, Mega CD, Game Gear, Windows
Release Date1994 (all other versions), 1995 (Mega Drive, Sega CD)
Genre2D platformer
Number Of Players1

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