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Sega Mega Drive – Gods – Compleet


Gods is a 1991 video game by The Bitmap Brothers where the player is cast as Hercules in his quest to achieve immortality. The game was first made for Amiga and Atari ST computers and then ported for various other platforms. Like other Bitmap Brothers’ games, Gods was highly praised by critics thanks to the quality graphics and music.

The enemy AI was praised – it would adapt not only to the player position, but also to their skill. Some rooms contain inaccessible items – smaller “thieves” show up from a passage in the wall, try to grab the item and bring it back to another point in the room or disappear with it. The player is able to obtain the item if they shoot the thief at the correct time. Bonuses are awarded for reaching certain parts of the level under a certain limit of time or number of lives, bringing an object to a room or simply by playing poorly, where the game helps the player.

As was common with Bitmap Brothers, an external musician assured the game score, this time John Foxx as Nation 12.[1] The box cover illustration was designed by the British comic book artist Simon Bisley.

Developer(s)The Bitmap Brothers
Designer(s)Eric Matthews
Steve Tall
Programmer(s)Steve Tall
Artist(s)Mark Coleman
Composer(s)Nation 12
Platform(s)AmigaAtari STMS-DOSAcorn ArchimedesPC98Mega Drive/GenesisSuper NES
Mode(s)Single player

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