Sega Mega Drive – Ariel The Little Mermaid – Compleet


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Gameplay and plot

Despite being based on the 1989 movie, the game’s story bears little resemblance to that of the movie. The player guides one of Ariel or King Triton through underwater levels similarly to the game Ecco the Dolphin, and can move in any direction. Despite who the player selects, both characters play the same, and feature two attacks for defeating enemies, a “normal” and a “special”. Side characters from the film, like Flounder and Sebastian make appearances, and can aid the player in their quest.

There are a total of 5 stages, 4 regular, each featuring a boss fight at the end, with the fifth one being exclusively a final boss fight against antagonist Ursula.

Developer(s)Blue Sky Software
Programmer(s)Barbara Michalec
Ronald Thompson
Karl Robillard[a]
Platform(s)Sega GenesisGame GearMaster System

Game Gear

Master System

  • BR: 1992/1993/November, 1996[c]


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