Pre-order: Prof. Harkin Resin Art Toy by Matt Gaser – Ex-Kickstarter


Prof. Harkin is a collectible resin art toy, only 250 were made. Stands at 8.5 inches tall. Every robot is signed and numbered by the artist. Each heart decal is personally attached by the artist along with final paint work before it’s approved and packaged.

Prof. Harkin Story: In the metropolis of New Logan live creatures, humans, and robots of all shapes and sizes. Half giants walk the bustling city streets while hairy beasts and tiny people wait at bus stops with their three piece suits and dresses. There’s never a dull moment in the city of New Logan, and never a dull moment for Professor Harkin, either! He’s a special robot taking his job seriously as a math prof. at the prestigious Kronsworth University of Gifted Entities. Prof. Harkin has been teaching math at this school for over 192 years, specializing in the applied physics of multiverse field theory and dimensional travel. Several years ago, he was awarded the Metal of Hearts for his breakthrough algorithm that opened up a new chapter in multi- dimensional science. The bulky frame to his robotic design is for good reason: to store the massive code data and processing power related to his curriculum and teachings. Unfortunately, Prof. Harkin is so devoted to his craft he lacks hygiene and rarely washes down the grime and grease from his travels. However, he means well and will continue to greet new students and friends with open arms and a stiff smile for hundreds of years to come…

Pre-order: Als je Prof. Harkin tijdig reserveert komt ‘ie rond Q3 2019 voor je binnen. Reserveer ‘m gauw!