Pre-Order: Devil May Cry 5: Dante 1:12 Scale Action Figure – Sentinel D4 Toys


The strongest devil hunter Dante appears as a 1:12 scale action figure!
This is a stylish action figure Dante which features perfect balance of realistic modeling and wide articulation range!
Newly developed action frame is built into this 1:12 scale figure Dante.
The coat which can be seen as a symbol of Dante is reproduced with cloth to minimize hinderance to articulation. Built-in wire is able to add stylish looks to the cloth.
Exchangeable hair part is included. You can enjoy two kinds of hair styles just like how Dante changes in the gameplay.
Provoking face, with a despising smile and an angry face during an intense battle are also included.
With weapons Rebellion, Devil Sword Dante, Ebony & Ivory and Coyote-A, you can pose various actions.

Accessories: Sword holding hand (LR), Gun holding hand (LR), Open hand (LR), Exchangeable hair part, Provoking face, Angry face, Rebellion, Devil Sword Dante, Ebony & Ivory, Coyote-A, Display stand.

Pre-order: Wanneer je Dante NU pre-ordered ligt deze omstreeks Q1 2020 voor je klaar. Reserveer ‘m nu!